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With a background in musical theatre and tap dancing, this is Jan's 7th  Pipin' Hot show.
Jan enjoys the challenge of Directing Pipin' Hot. "The guys are pretty focused and disciplined.

They have an extensive rehearsal programme so you have to make sure that you have done your homework before you turn up to practice so you don't waste time".

What does a Director do? Jan explains that the Director makes sure that the show "flows and is entertaining". This involves choreographing the placement and movement of the pipe band, checking that the lighting and special effects fit the feel of the show, making sure that the costumes are effective and working through the placement of the tunes in the show with the Musical Directors.

"While the Director has the final say, I collaborate closely with Greg and Craig (Musical Directors) to get a clear picture of what is to be achieved. Combining backing musicians, pipers, drummers, dancers and soloists is a challenge but it helps it we work together."

Jan meticulously plans where everyone will stand to play or sing and what moves they will make. She draws the moves for each song onto paper, for each playing member. "You can get through quite a bit of paper with such as large group of people."
Jan enjoys the challenge.


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