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Star treatment for Caledonian pipe band

Pipin ' Hot team proved a hit at the Australian Federation Tattoo Ballarat

Kirsty Macnicol
The Southland Times
January 26, 2002

THE City of Invercargill Caledonian Pipe Band's Pipin ' Hot team proved a hit at the Australian Federation Tattoo Ballaratt, even before the show opened to the public.
Pipe Major David Pickett said from Australia yesterday, the band was the star act and had been treated as such.
Within hours of arriving, members had been involved in TV and press
interviews, and there was a lot of interest in its trademark fusion of
traditional bagpipes and drums, with rock backing.
Since arriving about lunchtime on Thursday, the band had been busy learning the marching manoeuvres for the opening and closing ceremonies.
The first and final dress rehearsal was held last night _ about an hour
before the tattoo opened to the public.
The event featured massed pipes and drums, brass, highland dancing and military acts.
It was staged in the grounds of the Ballaratt and Claredon College with a replica castle at one end.
All of the cast members were staying in the school hostel adjacent to the parade ground, Mr Pickett said.
"Three hundred and fifty performers staying in accommodation for about 150." Squeezing everyone in meant extra mattresses and everyone had to share rooms.
"But everyone's friendly." Temperatures in Ballaratt, about an hour from Melbourne, were about 35degC but that was quite bearable, Mr Pickett said.
The band is due back in Invercargill on Monday.

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