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A dynamic, masterful mix of the ancient and modern

The sound of the bagpipes sends shivers down the spine of all who hear them.
For some, it' a positive expereience while others arte jolted into vision of a cat being held too tightly around its neck _ you either love or hate them.
I venture to Pipin'Hot version six last night simply to appease my mother-in-law afetr refusing to have the bagpipes echoing through the Dipton hills at my wedding six months ago.
She was right. Any preconceptions I had about the bagpipes were totally unjustified.
Far from traditional, Pipin'hot is a dynamic and entertaining performance, masterfuly combining exceptional talent with modern tunes.
Unconventional aspects included the Star Wars theme and The Devil Went Down to Georgia.
Vocalist Shannon Cooper-Garland, of Invercargill, and Simon Green, of Queenstown, were superb while the pipers left the crowd spellbound.
Fiddler Sheena Naughton's energetic performance combined strongly with the talent around her.
While the bagpipes stole the show, it was the City of Invercargill Caledonian Pipe Band drum corps that provided the highlight.
Its routine was light-hearted and added the essential comical element to the show.
The only disappointment for the audience, it seemed, was the lack on an encore.

Kate Buchanan
The Southland Times

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