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Letter to the Editor
The Southland Times
July 27, 2000

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a concert at the Civic Theatre produced by the City of Invercargill Caledonian Pipe Band.

I went along to the concert expecting to enjoy a show which was probably not what I would usually attend.

Not only was I throughly entertained, but I was amazed at the phenomenal talent and forward thinking of what I had imagined was until now, a traditional pipe band. My only previous experience with the pipes was with my father many years ago, attending a band practice in a small local hall and years later singing with John Farnham and the City of Wellington Pipe Band.

We all know what Riverdance has done for the art of Irish dance, and I believe this show, given the opportunity could undoubtedly achieve the same aim.

To think that this band from our small city is the first to produce this exciting new sound and make it into a world-class show is truly exciting.

I have always been aware of the depth of musical talent we have here in the south and twice now in the last few months, this has once again become only too apparent. Once with the wonderful Southland talent showcased at the recent opening of Stadium Southland, again with the Pipin' Hot show.

I was in total awe of the talent and professionalism produced in this show and felt the need to publicly congradulate all of these people involved with it.

This show was one that all past and present pipers could be well proud, and with it's Celtic rock sound will, I'm sure rejuvenate the support the highland pipes so richly deserve.

Absolutely world class.

Suzanne Prentice

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