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City of Invercargill Caledonian Pipe Band Crest  

The official band crest was specially designed soon after the band's formation in 1896.

The centre piece of the crest is the St. Andrew's Cross, with the Scottish Lion rampant surmounted above it.

Encircling the centre piece is a wreath of New Zealand ferns.

The wreath is symbolically supported by the British lion and New Zealand takahe.

The number one uniform is worn for public performances and the marching events at competitions. Based on the dress of the British Army Highland Regiments, the number one uniform shows a strong symbolic alligence to the crown.

The pipers' kilt and plaid are made of Royal Stewart tartan, while the drummers wear the Black Watch tartan. The plaid is wrapped around the player and held with a caringorm.

Made of black ostrich feathers, the feather bonnet has three black tassles. Firmly embedded on the left side of the bonnet is a red hackle.There is a diced band around the bottom of the bonnet.

The green tunic (red for drummers) has a scalloped shell on each shoulder. A metal band crest is on the upper right sleeve. Strapped around the tunic is a sword and waist belt.

The sporran is made of white horse hair and has two black tassles.


The tartan hose (socks) are held up by red flashes (green flashes for the drummers). In the right hand hose is carried a sgian dubh (small black dagger).

Covering the brogues (shoes) are white spats.

Braiding, buttons and broaches are silver except on the pipe and drum majors, where they are gold. The majors also carry from their hip a dirk (short sword/dagger). The pipe and drum major and the pipe sergeant wear red officers' sashes.

The pipers' pipe bag covers are black and have the Pipin' Hot logo embroidered on them. The pipe drones are held together by silver cords and a banner flies from the bass drone.

Trev Uniform
The band's number two uniform is worn at public performances and for competition music events.

Members wear black waistcoats over white shirts. Standard ties are worn for most daytime or outdoor appearances but replaced with bow ties for concert or night wear. Glengarries (hat) are only used when playing outside or for very formal ocassions.

Pipers and drummers wear the Royal Stewart and Black Watch kilts (respectively) but replace the horse hair sporran with an imitation seal one.

White knitted hose (socks),sgain dubh (small black dagger) and black gillie brogues (shoes) complete the uniform.

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